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We buy properties, homes, apartments, rentals, foreclosures, financially stressed properties. 
We have solutions to real estate problems.
We provide you a place to sleep.
A home, your sanctuary. 
We Flip Houses
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Our services & commitments for Investor include:
 Needs Investment Analysis Interview
 Customized Investment Plan (Earn from 4% to 30%)
 Computer Property  Anaylisist & Email Notification
 Property Investment, ARV, & Listing Details
 Details of funding Interest and/or Profit
 Preview Property & Provide History as needed
 Comparative Market Analysis 
 Rehab is insured, protecting investment
 Providing a contract that will protect you
 Offer Presentation & Negotiation 
 Coordination with Inspector, Lender, Title Company, & Closing Agent to make sure your  accepted offer closes
 Pending to Close Calendar sent to you within 2 business days of mutual acceptance.
 Real Estate Investing is less of a risk than stock market investing. You have a tangible asset that can be liquidated, in bottom line. You make profit 3 to 7 times a year, depending how long rehab takes... not just annually. Think about you are in control of your investment if problems arise.

RETC Investing starts with quality, taking to heart the needs of the investor first. We have built our reputation on being the very best in the industry. 

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