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Property Owner:______________________________________
Bank:_____________________Account #_________________
Property Address:_____________________________________
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Are you more than 60 days past due on your mortgage?
How much money do you think this property is worth?
How quickly do you need to resolve this property Default Problem?_______________

Do you owe property tax and how much?$___________________
Amount owed $___________________
Payment $____________________
​How Many Payments in Default: ________

Do you have on a website or a place where people can sell real estate; homes, land, rental income._____________
Please briefly describe your foreclosure situation: Job Loss, Disabled' Death, Other?

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Look.. I am a home inspector that has seen the need for Foreclosure help. I have inspected a lot of foreclosed homes. It brakes my heart to see people fall on bad times and get the short end. Payment Dilemma, thru death, Job Loss, Health, or whatever?I am sure we can resolve your situation.

So I started researching and I have found ways to stop foreclosure. I started a Real Estate Investment Company to help investors and people who are hurting or in a situation that cannot get out. Sometimes we even get you some kind of money to help you relocate, a place to start over. Also we put you on a list when you get back your feet we help you the best we can in getting back into a home of your means.
Let us put a rope on your dilemma and brand it